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Canoe tripping at Camp Temagami is a fun and exciting wilderness adventure that offers real reward; it is the ideal pursuit to empower adolescent development.

Our program is designed to promote self-reliance, provide a link to the past, a connection to the landscape we travel through, and encourage valuable personal growth.

We engage campers in active learning that does not need to be staged or manufactured and offer a rare opportunity to unplug from a world full of technology and “virtual” experiences.

Each participant receives the necessary instruction and guidance to foster self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, friendships, and community through personal accomplishment.

Our Tripping Program

We offer canoe trips for all ages and skill levels. Small groups of like aged peers, families and adults travel through stunning Canadian wilderness with exceptional guides.


The Tributary Fund

Camp Temagami scholarships and financial aid for deserving youth

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Our Base Camp

Base Camp is where all the fun begins.
It's a well stocked and comfortable place to relax before and after trip, or just on its own!

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